Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not much about The name change

Yes, I did read the Atwood book. As gloomy as it may sound as a forecast of trends in applied biotechnology, I do not think that is the real point of the book. The backdrop of that story is a world in which we can no longer produce the food we need, and have drowned our coastal cities. The most serious indictment in the book, to me, is the projection of the trend of emerging corporate power and the increasing lack of moral judgment or concern for effects on common citizens on the part of corporations. If Merck and Halliburton merged, how far from this "work of fiction" would we be? How little would any government's efforts matter to them?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

found another useful website

Appropedia: tree huggers get down to brass tacks.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

about my absence

I started other blogs and mostly added my voice to a chorus of liberals and rationalists who want to wrest control of the US and stewardship of the environment away from the Bush administration and all the fundamentalists, oligarchs and cryptofascist sympathizers that prop up neoconservative political fortunes.

The din of complaints is mighty but the distant thunder of an inhospitable overburdened planet will just keep growing louder and closer. It will finally drown out even the crowd noises of this soccer game we call politics. We will look up from our petty struggles, most engaged in for the covert purposes of mere personal gain, to see dispossessed hoards, famine, disease and climatic catastrophe overrunning the tiny spoils we thought so precious.

I am back from the war. We have not won on the political front. I am going back to self sufficiency blogging.