Friday, January 28, 2005

Getting less vague

Today's link is presented only as a refinement of the justifying premises for my doing this blog. In the January 25th article in Climate Change Monitor, report of an international conference's conclusion that we can stop saying "some day it will get bad": 10 years is about all we've got left, ignoring the "minor" current problems of increased global average drought and species extinctions.

I suppose this means that I should take into account, in seeking low tech self sufficiency solutions, which solutions will operate effectively in a radically changed climate. But which way it is going to change depends a lot on your lattitude and longitude.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Joining what I can't beat...

Well, I had less time for this blog than I imagined but it aint dead yet.
Most of us would like to add something to the world, kick in our 2 cents to the debate, share our nifty new idea. My motivation in adding my bit, be it anything from ego gratification to an unstinting love for suffering humanity, won't matter if the bit I add is nothing new. I had in the back of my mind some homebrew power generation ideas when I first set out the purpose of this blog...but I see others are well along the learning curve and the community building process in this particular area. I would do more good for more readers by posting my tweaks to the good ideas presented and discussed there than by virtually hiding them in an unknown blog. I have subscribed to the OtherPower discussions and suggest, if the premise of this blog interested you, that you might be informed or entertained by a subscription as well.
But all is not lost. I will continue to check out what else is going on in energy self sufficiency on the web and see if there is some topic that needs better coverage or just more promotion.